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I currently have a Sony KV32FX65 set that I have never really liked since the day I bought it.

Anyway, the time has come to ditch the CRT and buy an LCD screen. I'm thinking of a 30-32" unit. I have it norrowed down to:

Philips 9975
Sharp HD4V
Sharp AD1E

How does the picture compare between the Philips and the Sharp units? I know there is a new Philips unit due soon, but does anyone have any info on it?

What is the difference between the HD4V and the AD1E, is it just the addition of a digital tuner, or is the AD1E a newer and superior unit.

Apologies for the questions, I'm new to LCD!

Thanks in advance.



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Anyone know when this new Philips 32" is likely to be available. May just be the one I've been looking for for the bedroom. True 16:9 as well - Sweet :)


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Waiting for Philips to let me know when it's out, but the spec looks VERY good, with an improved contrast ratio, P+2, HDMI, flat speakers, true 16:9, etc.
Pester them and they might tell you more !


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Well, I'm in no big rush (for once) so I'll hang on. Hopefully see it advertised soon. This looks like the one I'll be getting. Specs look pretty good.


I just received an email from Sharp, but I sure you probably are aware of all this:



There are several differences between the HV4E and AD1E models:

The AD1E has a built in digital receiver allowing you to view all freeview channels without the need for a digibox. It also has a 1 bit digital amplifier (for more information on this see our web site under 'home and leisure', 'audio' and '1 bit audio systems') giving much improved sound quality.

There are also obvious cosmetic differences between the sets; the HV4E has detachable side speakers where as the AD1E has a detachable speaker that runs along the bottom of the set. And the finish on the two units is different as the AD1E has a slimmer more highly polished surround than the HV4E.

And there are no plans to directly replace or update the LC30HV4E in the near future.

I hope this is of some use to you.

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looks like Philips is finally going to overtake Sharp this year. Sharps new TVs seems to be minor updates to last year, with digital tuners. Philips seem to be actually moving things forward.


Hmm this Philips looks to be the answer for me too.

I need something that will be good for xbox (hence no plasma) and my main telly at the same time yet not over the top expense wise (32"???).

I wonder how much these will cost. They look pretty neat...



The AD1E has a claimed contrast ratio of about 700:1 as opposed to the 400:1 (approx, from memory) of the HV4E. I can't find out if Sharp has improved their pixel-pitch or refresh rate though, as they don't publish these figures.


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Originally posted by du5t
I just received an email from Sharp, but I sure you probably are aware of all this:


And there are no plans to directly replace or update the LC30HV4E in the near future.

I was shown one of there ‘new for 2004’ LCD brochures a few weeks ago and while the LC30HV4E was in it there was also a whole range of new 26, 32,37 and 45” screens some with built in digital receivers and some without.


What does sharp call the near future. They just coming out with a new 'G' series. Will be available in beginning of july over here (Indonesia).

Look Here and here

I am waiting for these :)




I wouldn't say the Sharp is just an update of it's older series. I have actually SEEN the pictures side by side at John Lewis, Brent Cross and the newer Aquos is clearly much better as darker areas are much more defined and it doesn't bleed a bit!

I saw the Philips, unfortunately, it really wasn't very good... at all! I don't really care what the statistics, or the company say, you should always look at the screen for yourself and make sure you buy the right one before spending too much- and remember- don't just look at the demo dvd- look at a standard digital tv transmission as sometimes it can be a bit jolty or grainy (like the Philips).


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As a matter of interest why have you not considered the new Panasonic LXD1.
The 32" is available at similar prices to the Philips and Sharp. I saw it at a Panasonic dealer in Inverness last week and was very impressed with the picture both from DVD and and the integrated digital tuner. It also seems to have a comprehensive range of inputs. The main disadvantage seems that it is 15:9 widescreen.

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