LCD above a radiator

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Does anyone know if mounting a LCD above a radiator would be ok or would it be too hot? we have a radiator cover over it which reduces the heat so would that make any difference? Any help appreciated.


If the heat is not rising directly up the wall due to the cover you may be OK. Try putting a thermometer in the position the LCD will be and see how hot it gets when the radiator is on full.



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I was informed by Superfi Nottingham that if you placed an LCD on the wall above a fire or radiator your warrenty would be null & void.


We had our plasma over a radiator shelf above a radiator for more than a year with no problems as the heat from the radiator flowed up from the front of the shelf and into the room. It had no effect on the temperature at the screen. I have 3 lcd computer monitors on desks with radiators underneath, again no problem as yet. Mounting a screen directly above the radiator without a shelf, desk, cover diverting the heat flow would be asking for trouble.




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Do you mean similar to this below?

I have taken thermometer readings and the screen is 0.5 degree higher with rad on , back of the cabinet is 0.2 degree higher with rad on

so depending on your cover i dont think its gonna make much difference

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