LCD 32" around £350 - recommendations


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I want a LCD 32" but the debate was 720 or 1080. I'm mainly going to be using it for xbox and very unlikley films etc.

I've done some resarch and found that with 1080 its pretty impossible to see the difference between 720/1080 and also with things like SkyHD or if I did buy a bluray player and decided to watch films will the difference be noticable?

Would owning a 32" 1080 just be for the sake of saying I own ' 32" 1080'?

Should I stick to a 720, and what are the cut off points for 1080 like whats the minimum size to be able to see the difference?

Any recommendations?

Um...have I posted in teh wrong forum?


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Sky HD only supports up to 1080i which all LCD's are capable of. The majority of 360 games are 720p only with a handful supporting 1080p. A lot of the 720p games do upscale to 1080p but I would say unless you're going to be watching native 1080p material then full HD is not necessary. However even on my 32" 1080p set I can notice the difference with blu-rays and 1080p native PS3 games although it's by no means a must have at that size. Unless you're going to watch a lot of 1080p material I wouldn't worry about it. Having said that if it's not that much more and within your budget it might be worthwhile future proofing.

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