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Discussion in 'Home Cinema Buying & Building' started by martincooper, Apr 25, 2004.

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    I'm looking for an LCD Telly (17 or 20 inch) which must be wall mountable (flat against the wall - not sticking out miles). Also must have an RF input (don't they all ?).
    I have the Relysis 17" in the kitchen, which is OK for the price, but I'm looking for a little better picture quality for the new TV.

    I saw the LG RE20 LA70 in Currys and really liked the picture quality. Then I discovered Comet has the RZ20 LA70 for £100 less (£599). What's the difference between the "E" and the "Z" ? Comet don't keep the "Z" in stock, so I would have to buy it unseen and am worried that the "Z" will be a completely different beast. The LG website is no help - the only 20" LCD they show is the RE-20 LA30 (what's that!!).
    Furthermore I can't tell if any of these are wall mountable - the Comet web site says their model isn't, but does sell a wall mount to go with it ...
    I've also seen and liked the Toshiba 20VL33B - 20" - best LCD picture in the shop (Currys), but a bit steep at £799. I would probably get this off the net if it's VESA wall mountable - along with the BT7511 mount from Keene.
    Why so many LG models ?
    Will the Tosh mount flat against a wall ?
    Any other model suggestions ?
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    North Lincs
    Sony do a great 17 inch.....not at all cheap though.

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