LBP beta lottery

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can i have one or am i too late???

thanks in advance either way!!:thumbsup:


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I'd love to take one of your hands mate!

My daughter likes Marmite. Is that random enough???


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If you still have any codes available, I would gladly take one off your hands......didn't manage to get one last night because the site kept telling me I'm not a European user!



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Hi Jimmy. Can you put my name in the hat if you've still got spare keys?

Ta much.


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Ditto for me as well............pretty, pretty please :lease:


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I'd love one too! Please consider me...


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Looking for a code for my poor wee nephew at home who's all sad with nothing to do! He could really be doing with cheering up since we are both Aberdeen fans (bottom of the league..... again!)

EDIT: forgget what I just said, just got one from fileplanet!! They seem to be handing out codes again so get over there quick!
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