Lazy Noob Needing Help Finding Plasma TV :)


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Hi, I'm looking at getting a large tv for my room, but not sure which one. Points to note;

I'd prefer plasma (we have a plasma in living room (TXP42V10 i think))

I would like to pay as little as possible, but without buying a crap telly.

Size - 46" or more, so 1080p a must :smashin:

I'd do the trawling myself, but have a bad headache and school tomorrow. Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated :clap:

Many thanks in advance, Ryan


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46G10 for around £800-850. If that's out of budget then check out the Samsung 50B550 or LG 50PS3000.


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Why not get a 46" G10 and put in your living room and put the superior V10 in your room?

Everyone's happy!


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Found a 50" g10 at richersounds for £960 with 5yr warranty

OR there is a PS3000 for £700 with the 5yr as well

I am a panasonic fan as the v10 is a beast :smashin: also when we were looking in shops the panasonic plasmas looked far superior :)

However, is it worth an extra £250?

Cheers for the help :)


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It's worth it if you view a lot of hd sources but if the tv is for sd then you might be better off saving the cash. Having said that you should go for the X10 or PQ6000 if your viewing is mostly sd.


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Sounds daft I know but make sure you dont get one thats too big!

six feet from a 46" on at 1080p is the recommendation( loads of info via google )
but as the pq falls you need to sit further away. If you dont you will start to see all of the digital tricks that the compression routines use to fool your eyes.

and once you spot them they dont go away.

to test it freeze the picture get up close spot an obvious part of the image that looks blocky then move back until it "disapears" that wiil be the best distance for that size screen. (IMO)

I thought this was just techie talk but I'm glad i got a 46" panasonic and not the 50 I was looking at.
Fo the geekies its all to do with ocular resolution and blah blah blah...........

my rooms big not bragging just fact and I'm about 12 feet from the screen HD is great but sd can be iffy I know PQ varies on sd some BBC 1 looks hd and ITV ( x factor at the weekend ) looks like it was filmed through a soft filter.

Unless you are setting up a cinema room just for Blue Ray then youd be best to compromise.

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