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Underwear goes inside the pants. Anybody heard this track out at the moment? I really like it, makes you think and its quite funny too. Heard on the radio that its in running for top spot though it looks like paris hilton may beat them to it. Whats society coming to :D


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aye, it was on wileys show a month or so ago, this week she has it as the track of the week....very good, same style as the other one that was done a couple years ago.....heh

not exactly something to dance to, but damn good fun to have on the headphones while bopping home on the train :)


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GeoffWork said:
It has just appeared on iTunes as a £1.99 EP download, brilliant.

think its on CD mid-late August.....

i'll wait for that.......dont like downloads, i got a good hifi, dont want crap quality

for my headphones i'd get it, but why pay £2 now and then another £3-4 for the CD....heh, i'll wait for the CD and rip it myself at 320kpbs for my phone...

wonder if they will ever offer good quality lossless on downloads.....

what would be nice is if you could buy full blown 96/24 DVD-A standard tracks online.....i'd be well up for kill my data limit tho after a few

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