Laying is sub on its side?


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I've recently purchase as 5.1 system for my 360. They they question i have is if i lay the subwoofer down horizontally on its side, will it effect the performance in any way?

Thanks in advance.


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Is it a downfiring sub?

Daddy k

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some front firing subs driver/cage are balanced i believe, so it may effect it at some level, an audiable level however i do not know?


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No it is a rear firing sub.

Don't you mean forward firing? If you have it facing a wall you might get better results by facing it into the room. However, you may not want to. Anyway, I'm sure it would be fine on it's side.


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Provided you lay the sub on something soft to protect the finish I can't see a problem. The driver (loudspeaker) cone must be free to move and should not be placed too close to a wall or solid furniture. If the sub has a port (open pipe) that should not be blocked either. If the sub is an active type then the amplifier controls should be made reasonably accessible and able to have air circulating around it should it become warm in use. I doubt you'll hear any difference in performance with most subs.

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