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An excellent film, folks, and one of my favourites from this decade (so far). Darkly comic, stylishly executed and played majestically by an electrifying cast. After I foolishly ignored this at the flicks and then hung about for an age before catching up with it on DVD, I watched it again and again when I finally bit the bullet. Simply recommending it to people wasn’t good enough – I felt the urge to drag them round to my place, sit them down and force the film upon them ... and then watch their reactions when certain developments took place! Such was the addictive impact Layer Cake exerted on me. Gangland thrillers are actually way down my list, but when they are this good, they deserve a place on anybody’s “watch often” shelf.

This Blu-ray package is a good, strong one, as well. Most of the extras from the SD release are present and correct and they are a fine bunch, overall. The AV quality is thoroughly top-notch, with a simply terrific picture and very effective PCM audio. In short, a fantastic release and I can’t recommend it enough.
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I recently acquired this Blu-Ray to replace my DVD copy.

I'd sworn I wouldn't do that too often as I have so many DVD's, but I'd read about the excellent transfer and, therefore, picture quality of this disc and was too tempted at a decent price.

I'm using a PS3 with the latest 1080p24 update and a screen which is claimed to be 1080p24 capable, the Samsung M87.

I was a little disappointed, therefore, to see pretty poor judder during the opening credits sequence in the chemist with all of the recreational drug bottles on the shelves.

I'd thought this would be improved / eliminated by viewing at 24Hz but not so.

Is there a technical reason for this please?

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