Lawnmower Man



A neighbour gave me his third! copy of Lawnmower Man, which, like the previous 2 still did not play on his year-old Hitachi DVD. Played OK on my Toshiba and another neighbours Sony, but not on the other neighbours Hitachi. Confused? The fault appears to lie on Chapters 4 on and causes the player to freeze. Trying to access scene selection of Ch 4 on results in same. The disc was taken to local Hitachi agent and played on same model in the shop. Any ideas??

Les Bruce


random fluctuations of the earths magnetic field? :D

dirt perhaps? the laser might do with a dust



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Weird. No problem with my copy of Lawnmower Man on 3 players (Toshiba and 2 Yamahas)

Love the 5.1 mix of the "Computer Animation" under Extras ...

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