Law & Order: Criminal Intent

i think this show is quality and i think Vincent D'Onofrio is very good in it.

i know five show series 1 on tuesday evening and hallmark are doing the same week days at 21:00.

does anyone know if seris 2 or 3 have ever been shown in the uk and if not are there any plans to?


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series 2 hasnt been shown yet, i have emailed hallmark to ask when they will show it, the havent replied as yet
last episode of the first season on hallmork tonight.

why do channle 5 show old series 1 episodes straight after new episodes on CSI wouldn't it make more sence to be showing the most recent series?


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Five are showing Season 1 of "L&I: Criminal Intent" because it's new to terrestrial TV. The reason Hallmark are on Season 2, is because it's new to satellite TV!

So technically, they are only "old episodes" if you have seen Season 1 and 2, which would either mean that you've watched pirated downloads from the Net, or else have just come back from a long holiday in the USA.

Hope that helps.

the episodes hallmark have been showing were the complete series 1 they just ended wednesday.

five are still showing series 1.

series 2 and 3 have not been shown in the uk as yet.

my question is why did five just start showing series 1 now when it was made 2 years ago, they are showing series 4 of CSI which is the series they are also watching in the states, why are they so behind with criminal intent?


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Morning Miller,

Basically, Five have been slowly introducing their US dramas, so that they:
a) don't overload viewers with too many new shows at once
b) don't waste all their new programming in one go
c) have seen how the ratings were for "Law And Order", and "Law And Order: Special Victims Unit" before they went ahead and bought "Law And Order: Criminal Intent".

Sometimes US shows get shown here almost immediately after they air in the US, because the rights to the shows were snapped-up on the basis of word-of-mouth from US critics and favourable ratings in the US for the first few episodes. However, sometimes, some shows that work in the USA do not work over here, or vice-versa. Hence, some TV stations will hold-off and wait and see how the entire season has done, before buying the rights to it.

With "CSI: Crime Scene Investigations", Five bought the rights, after having favourable US reviews and word-of-mouth. Not to mention the pedigree of the cast and crew, and the fact it was "different" to previous crime and police dramas. PLus, there's the added fact it was an intelligent drama that required people to think and pay attention to what was going on, rather than like some shows where a child could follow the plot.

After it became so successful on Five, they went right ahead, and bought the rights to Season 2. Then, again, after it became Five's most popular show, they have continued to buy the rights, for each subsequent season.

I hope that answers your questions.


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