Laurel & Hardy


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Anyone know if the 21disc boxset is available on Region 1, or if it will be, as i'd prefer not to pay the sky high Region 2 prices.



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Amazon have the R2 for £150, which is just over £7 per disc. Each disc appears to be over 3 hours, so I thought it was a good price.


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Thats the lowest i've heard of, might consider it for that price. Amazon still charge for delivery?


I have seen the singe DVD’s inWHSmiths for £9.99.


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If your order is over £25 Amazon do not charge for delivery


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this looks like an "must have" being over 4000 mins but when I looked at one of the discs in WHS many of the films have two different versions a B&W & "enhanced colour" version & some times the foreign version
Personally the colour version is a no go & why would you want to watch the foreign version, as i think there comedy is universal in any language :confused: ( I'm Probably going to get some stick from non english speaking Laurel & Hardy fans now)

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