Laurel & Hardy fans rejoice (again) - L & H - The Collection (21-disc Box Se

Joe Pineapples

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I got the heads-up on this off my brother, from the latest Empire magazine. RRP is £200 (ouch!) Apparently the disks will also be available seperately for around £15.99, but the boxset contains an exclusive extra disk.

Amazon have it on pre-order for £149.00 - release date 3rd May.

If anyone has any further details of disk content, can they post here - ta.



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1. A Chump At Oxford / Related Shorts
2. Classic Shorts / Someone's Ailing
3. Way Out West / Shorts
4. Classic Shorts / Ollie And Matrimony
5. Our Relations / Dual Roles Shorts
6. Classic Shorts / Murder In The Air
7. Blockheads / Themed Shorts
8. Classic Shorts / Blackmail
9. The Bohemian Girl / Related Shorts
10. Classic Shorts / Be Big / Laughing Gravy
11. Saps At Sea / Themed Shorts
12. Classic Shorts / Laurel And Hardy And The Law
13. Sons Of The Desert / Related Shorts
14. Classic Shorts / A Job To Do
15. Pack Up Your Troubles / Related Shorts
16. Classic Shorts / Maritime Adventures
17. Swiss Miss / Animal Shorts
18. Classic Shorts / Married Life
19. Pardon Us / One Prison Short
20. Classic Shorts / More Brushes With The Law
21. Bonus disc: Brats (alternative version) / A Tribute To The Boys / Hinter Schloss Und Riegel / Prudence / Thundering Fleas / Fluttering Hearts

Looks pretty good :smashin: Loads of dosh though.


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Am I missing something.....

I don't see "Towed in a hole" in that list. (or is it toed ?)


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Originally posted by davidwatsonok
Am I missing something.....

I don't see "Towed in a hole" in that list. (or is it toed ?)

Thankfully it's there on disc 16 (or 17 ?). It would have been farcical to omit that classic (amongst all the other classics).

Joe Pineapples

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my problem with this boxset is the included 'coloured' versions. I would have no intentions whatsoever of watching them, and it feels like they've been added in there to pad things out a bit, and give an excuse to charge more.

probably still have to buy it at some point though


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This is one I'm definately interested in. But I think I'll wait and see if the price drops a bit first !


Same hear Looks a very good Box Set :clap:
I will also wait for the price to come down

Show Me The Money :smashin:



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I've always been a huge Laurel and Hardy fan but mostly of the short 20-40 minute talking episodes. Many of the films are superb but a few of them I wasn't so keen on because of too much "padding"; boring musical bits without the boys and I'm not so interested in these. For this reason I was very happy to recently pick up an excellent boxset in Amsterdam called "L&H Talkies" - it's six discs, 41 episodes - all the Hal Roach short talkies between 1929 and 1935 for 60EUR (40GBP)- I can thoroughly recommend this set and it's a bargain in my opinion!!

It's all english language with optional Dutch subtitles.

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