Laurel and Hardy Questions

Does anyone know the name of the film where they play each other's wives?

Is 'The Devil's Brother' available on DVD?

many thanks. :hiya:


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Is The Devils' Brother a Laurel And Hardy film? I've never heard of it and I thought I knew a lot of theri stuff.
Some information on The Devils Brother here. Apparantly it is available on DVD - from Australia. However, it's called "Bogus Bandits" and by all accounts has some footage missing.
You could try looking at www.ezydvd.com or amazon.au and see if they have them...


Edit - here you go...


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The Devil's Brother was released in the UK as Fra Diavolo and if you look about you can pick it up as cheap as £4 (on ebay from a foreign seller)

The L & H phrase uttered by one Oliver N. Hardy - Well here's another NICE mess you've gotten me into is nearly always misquoted as another fine mess

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