Laurel and Hardy box set




Being a big Laurel and Hardy fan I am looking to purchase the complete 21 dvd boxset (R2) upon its release. However I already have around 15 L&H vhs videos which will be updated by the dvds.

My question is does anyone know of any local (West Midlands) shops where I could sell these videos or part exchange them towards the dvd set. I would much prefer to sell them to a shop rather than mess around with something like Ebay since I have never sold anything over the net before.



Duncan Harvey

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Just give them to a charity shop, or throw them away. VHS releases like this have absolutely no value once the DVDs come out.


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The 'trick' is to auction stuff off the moment you hear about a potential DVD release, certainly before the DVD hits the streets. Either that or get yourself a DVD recorder and 'archive' rare vhs tapes. I recently sold 'The Power and the Glory', 'The Tom Baker Years', Shada, The Daemons and Terror of the Autons tapes on ebay - all made between £15 and £25.
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