Latest on the Black Gold dual DVB-T card


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Quote from their sales department:


Yes we are getting quite a few enquiries.

We have cards in development and are currently working on drivers. We anticipate release in a couple of months. Our developers say sooner, but we have to get through all the QA testing and WHQL certification. That always takes longer than planned.

We recognise that with a lot of the low profile cases and mini ATX, there aren’t enough PCI slots once got a WLAN card to go around. So it is a high priority for us.

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so it is coming but maybe a few months yet...

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yes, so unless you really need a single card (i.e. a low profile case with limited slots) then grab yourself a bargain at the new pricing.

We would expect the new dual card will be more expensive than 2 single cards as there is always the R&D costs to recoup etc etc.


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I think the dual tuner DVB-T card is primarily aimed at those who don't have the PCI slots to go for the dual card config. I know I'm certainly one of those people. For me, it's a choice between dual cards and motherboard audio or wait for the dual tuner board and add a Mystique Dolby Live card into the other slot. I know which option I'd prefer and hence am prepared to wait.
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