Latest nvidia drivers for mce?


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I installed the 77.79 first which gives you the MCE extension...Then I upgrade to the 88 normal forceware drivers which doesn't include the MCE extension....But it leaves the MCE extension in place...


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Actually not really the 88, but the 8185 drivers...


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i have seen these links in relation to the power management feaures of the NVidia Drivers:

The interesting line from the above link is the bit that says "The reference desktop graphic drivers that are provided by NVIDIA on our driver downloads page do not include these custom features"

The nvidia drivers that seem to contain these power mgmt features are found at the following link:

the driver link above mentions: "Maintains all notebook power management and hotkey settings"

Any ideas which is the best drivers to install / versions if i'm using a PCX 5300 NvIdia card with MCE2005 and want to ensure that suspend S3 works ok ?
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