Latest Destiny Patch - 24/09/2015

Thats the total dl'ed todate not the total downloaded for the patch, like the previous post that's why it takes ages to prepare as checking patch elements already got.

U just wish ur internet downloaded 7GB in 90 seconds
Nope mine is 6.984GB and is downloading every last byte of it before my eyes.

I only played 3 days ago and now I've sat through 2 hours (4.42 GB) of downloading with what looks like another 2 hours ahead of me before its finished. I have great internet so its definitely not 90mb for me.

WTF is going on?
That is very strange specially if ur still playing the game regularly. Mine stated 6.xx GB but that was starting point - patch was around 100mbs and took about 90 seconds to actually download.

Sounds like its downloading the whole patch which as you been playing it only 3 days ago is most strange. It would drive me crazy it taking 2/4 hrs!!!!
Perhaps it started there because it had already download most of it while in rest mode?
Possible but I very much doubt the patch would of been nearly 7gb in size. Same occurred on 2nd ps4 when booted up too
Weekly was going away with TTK anyway and Nightfall are changing with Lvl 40 required, so guess with the launch of 2.0 on tuesday these changes are in effect. So with nobody available to get to level 40 (cap is 34 next week) no point of having a nightfall.
Any idea what time the 2.0 patch will be downloaded?
I'll leave console in rest mode.
Players now are required to participate in the boss fights to be eligible for end-of-activity loot

I hope those Strike List AFKers have not read this bit :)
They were overpowered anyway. It's all about Necrochasm instead now by the sounds of it.
AI combatants, not guardians. That means getting captains and the like down quickly in PvE will be much harder.

And reading Crucible Playbook it seems Necrochasm is more viable than it was but is not by any means the new must have weapon.
Here's how the game changes with the release of the The Taken King:

News > Destiny: The Taken King |

Destiny: The Taken King - The one with Oryx.
The Taken King

  • Oryx and his army has arrived
  • Meet them on Phobos, a moon of Mars
  • Requires The Taken King and a minimum character level of 25
  • Max Character Level Cap now increased to 40 (Requires The Taken King)
  • New Vanguard and Crucible bounties are now available at your local Bounty Tracker
  • Year One Moments of Triumph are now locked in history and cannot be progressed
  • VIP 'Founders Fortune' rewards will be distributed in the Tower (Requires The Taken King)
  • "Spark of Light" Level 25 Character Boost consumable is available at the Postmaster (Requires The Taken King)

  • Subclass quests for new subclasses are now available after the completion of The Coming War story mission (Requires The Taken King)


  • Patrols now offer rewards once again
Daily Heroics
  • Required Level: 40
  • Requires The Taken King
  • These missions will include selections from Year One and Year Two
Vanguard Strike Playlists
  • Weekly Heroic Strike has been replaced by the Vanguard Heroic Strike Playlist
  • There are now three Strike playlists:
    • Legacy Strike Playlist
      • Available to all players
      • Contains all Year One Strikes, including original Dust Palace and Undying Mind Strikes
    • Vanguard Strike Playlist
      • Requires The Taken King
      • Contains all new The Taken King Strikes, as well as 3 remixed Year One Strikes (Dust Palace, Undying Mind, and Cerberus Vae III)
    • Vanguard Heroic Strike Playlist:
      • Requires The Taken King
      • Contains all new The Taken King Strikes, as well as 3 remixed Year One Strikes (Dust Palace, Undying Mind, and Cerberus Vae III)
    • Heroic Strikes earn bonus rewards on weekly completion:
      • Legendary Engram (1 time per character)
      • +10 Legendary Marks (3 times per account)
    • Playing multiple Strikes without returning to orbit increases reward chances
    • All The Taken King and Updated Strikes now feature random encounter variation and may contain Taken combatants
  • Required Level: 40
  • Requires The Taken King
  • Wiping in Darkness Zones no longer kicks player to orbit
  • Resurrection timer is now a 30-second cooldown (must be resurrected by teammates)
  • Year Two Crucible is now in effect (Requires the Taken King):
    • Rift, Control, Clash, Skirmish, Salvage, Rumble, Elimination are now Year Two core playlists
      • When Trials of Osiris is active, Elimination will only be playable via Trials of Osiris playlist
    • Featured Daily and Weekly activities are now active
  • Year One Core Playlists now contains Classic 6v6, Classic 3v3 and Classic FFA playlists

  • The Cryptarchs will now exchange Legendary Marks for Legendary Engrams
  • Available engrams will be randomly selected by each Cryptarch every Tuesday
  • Legendary Engrams no longer have a chance to produce simple Materials
  • Rare Armor Engrams have a chance to produce Artifacts instead of Armor
  • Starting on Armsday (Wednesday), Banshee-44 will accept Orders for new Foundry Weapons to characters at Gunsmith Rank 1 or higher. Higher Ranks will allow placement of more orders per week
  • Legendary Armor has been added to the Speaker's inventory
  • PvP Quests are now provided to players (Required Level: 5)
  • Shaxx now carries a set of Weekly Crucible Bounties, with Nightfall equivalent rewards for completing all five in a week
  • Arcite now carries a set of Weekly Crucible Weapon Bounties
  • The Vanguard Quartermaster will now exchange old Class Armor Materials for new unified Armor Materials
Queen’s Wrath
  • Petra now has new bounties available in the reef upon completing a new quest
  • These bounties will also drop a Treasure Key the first time one is completed each week
  • Vanguard and Crucible Marks deprecate and are converted to Commendations (at a rate of 50:1)
  • Legendary Loot drop rates have been increased across all activities
  • Legendary Marks are now earnable by completing Daily Story Chapters, Weekly Heroic Strikes, Daily PVP Activities, Weekly PVP Activities and Dismantling Year Two Legendary items
  • Strike rewards now drop from bosses instead of in the PGCR
    • Except for Sepiks Prime, who has been known to cleverly fly above water to deny victorious Guardians their rightfully earned spoils
  • Strikes reward tables now include items for all Armor and Weapon slots
Edit - Known Issues
  • Strike Legacy playlists are currently not providing rewards
    • This is known issue and will be hotfixed as soon as possible - The one that released on the heels of Oryx.
With the first week of Destiny: The Taken King behind us, we're taking an opportunity to address and tackle some of the immediate issues that are impacting the player experience.
  • Fixed an issue with Year 1 Moments of Triumphs in which Golden Chest node completions were disappearing after TTK release

  • Fixed an issue where players who reached Level 40 before turning in the Reach Level 30 objective did not properly receive the Level 40 quest
  • Fixed an issue where the quest "High Value Targets" did not correctly reward Legendary Marks upon completion
  • Fixed an issue where Year 1 Strikes were not dropping Uncommon and Rare quality gear as intended
  • Some treasure chests in the Dreadnaught are now in a location that only allow them to be looted once per spawn
  • Three of Coins now provides a smaller increase in Exotic Engram drop chance when rapidly killing Ultras
  • Dismantling leveled-up Exotics now have a reduced chance to produce 2 Exotic Shards
Latest patch seems to have brought some network issues for some people (me included). Players seem more sensitive to anyone the fireteam with a strict NAT and an increase in Beaver errors.

Also getting "removed from the game world" and kicked to orbit frequently.
Latest patch seems to have brought some network issues for some people (me included). Players seem more sensitive to anyone the fireteam with a strict NAT and an increase in Beaver errors.

Also getting "removed from the game world" and kicked to orbit frequently.
Bungie have acknowledged the issue and are working on it mate. Reddit post here on the issues:
Stop messing with your network and connection. NAT type issues aren't yours, but Bungies (confirmed). • /r/DestinyTheGame
cheers mate - yes seen that. Not had any issues this AM. I did make sure wifi was in DMZ. Not tried a fireteam today, but definitely looking better, so maybe they have plugged a lead back in :D

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