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lateral picture shift on Plasma TV



Just posted this on the LG owner thread... but as it may be a general SKY problem posting here too...hope thats ok?

Just bought the LG PC421DA. Great picture and sound... much better than expected.

I have a problem though... When I watch any ordinary SKY Digital broadcast (not HD) there is an annoying full-picture 'jump'. The picture seems to shift a few pixels left and right roughly every second. This is really noticeable with the sky subtitles on as they shift too.

The picture doesnt scroll along the screen or anything - it just jumps a bit to the left and then returns.

This happens through SCART (RGB and PAL) and through the RF cable... but only with this TV (though I have never tried any other PDP - the others are all CRT) and only for SKY.

None of my other inputs display this behaviour (xbox360, DVD, PC even another freeview digibox). And as I said, all other CRT TV's seem fine.

Not sure if this is a sky issue so I will prolly post there too.

I'm a complete noob when it comes to this stuff... but (theres always a but!) I have a theory... if the SKY signal is the wrong width would the TV get confused when doing its 3:2 pulldown (or whatever!)?

Anybody else have this problem? Or know of a solution?



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Check your settings - sounds like you have the 'Orbiter' feature on, which is there to prevent static image screen burn.



Ok - it was something I missed. I got the answer from the TV owners thread... it was the scart control setting on the SKY box.

I was sure I tried all combinations of this... but changing scart control to 'on' has fixed it.

Thanks all.

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