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Last nights Party Political Broadcast


A rip off of the Spitting Image, - David Steel in David Owen's pocket idea.


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Unfortunately caught this broadcast and thought it was pitiful, lowest common denominator stuff.


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Just watched 30 secs then turned off.

When you haven't got any credible policies yourself, just attack the opposition all the time.:facepalm:


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Hence UKIP's popularity.


I watched it last night and wondered if it was suppose to be a party political broadcast or character assassination and I was pretty disgusted with it.
From looking round the web last night after it seems that Labour has hired some guy that got Barack Obama elected, and that's the sort of dirty pool they get up to over there.
I did not see one policy Labour was putting forwards and if that's the sort of intelligence they think of their supporters I think it could backfire. And after all is this about the European Election which at least Nick Clegg did put his points across on it, even tough I disagree with them.

Maybe Labour thought putting a party political broadcast with Ed Miliband on would loose even more votes.


I started watching it assuming it was the start of The One Show, only when I glanced at the clock and saw that it wasn't 7:00pm yet did it dawn on me it was a Party Political Broadcast. Then I forced myself to watch it to the end to see what loser of a party thought this is what Politics is about...

Deleted member 293381

I think the Labour Party is in the process of trying on new shoes. Last night's PPB shoes were too small so they will try on something else next time.

They are new to this political media stuff, unlike UKIP who've had years of experience.


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Dazzled? They have got nothing up their sleeve, if they had, we would have heard by now.
They're going to save us all from evil Tory debt (which isn't Labour debt at all) and evil, uneccesary Tory austerity, and give everyone a free BILLION POUNDS... and they'll pay for it all by "taxing bankers bonuses"... At least, that seems to be the magic money tree so far...


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Dazzled? They have got nothing up their sleeve, if they had, we would have heard by now.

There has been an extensive policy review/bun fight taking place, it's almost complete.
Policy Review / Policy Review / Agenda 2015 / Your Britain

Had David Miliband been Labour leader ? We would have had Policies flowing thick and fast out of Labour's party HQ. Ed Miliband is a bit more cautious. Tbh I doubt any of the manfiesto's from any of the political parties will dazzle people. Unless Farage goes on Strictly Come Dancing.


The advert is to try and convince the electorate that the Labour millionaires feel their pain more than the Tory millionaires.


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Rubbish ad, but all part of a pre election campaign. Cameron is a toff who helps his mates.
Milliband is a prat, but he has a good strategy. Paint Cameron as someone who helps his mates. Colc, generation rent, race to the bottom, all part of a strategy.

Come on Dave, get your act together otherwise Ed will become PM.

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