last night's footy coverage



right - i didnt post this last night cos i was ****** - but here goes:

ITV2 showed the Liverpool game in lovely widescreen
ITV news channel showed the Arsenal game - also in lovely widescreen - i think !!!

my panasonic TX28PK3 is set to "auto" aspect ratio, so when i flick through the channels, the picture is constantly jumping between ratios automatically (are you still with me ?)

last night, whilst flicking between ITV2 and ITV news, the ITV news channel DIDN'T adjust to the correct ratio - it looked like a "zoom" effect in widescreen mode - the logo, match info panel, and caption bar (when displayed) were invisible off the top and bottom of the screen - even when i manually set the ratio on the TV to "16:9"

my cable provider is Telewest - did anyone else experience this, or can explain
You need your eye-site tested adi! :D :p :D

The ITV newschannel was not in widescreen. It was a 4:3 picture squashed by your tv into a 16:9 frame. Normally (on digital broadcasts) they apply black bars either side of the picture to maintain its correct aspect ratio - I guess they made a cock up in their transmission.
As a rule of thumb ANY away game in europe will not be in widescreen as only UK TV companies use widescreen technology. ;)
hmmm i know what you mean - but it wasnt exactly " a 4:3 picture squashed by your tv into a 16:9 frame. ", it was more like a 16:9 frame overlayed on a 4:3 picture - substantial amounts of screen information from the top and bottom were missing
stop complaining......don't even get widescreen in Ireland!!

But at leats the footy games are on terrestial...!!

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