last night Result


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Well come manic what was the score in the end did you pull it back

:confused: :confused:


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Fraid not Typhoon, to be honest I was dissapointed last night, I do share the blame as it was a bit disorganised. I hadn't been on Saturday or Sunday so didn't know what was going on for the Monday match. I hadn't looked on Team compete initially for opponents info so was messing about minutes before trying to find gamertags etc. Then after a mess around choosing the team as you thought Cap wasnt on, he came on and invited us all over then we had another change around regarding who was playing.
What did dissapoint me though, was the attitude of some players. At the end of the day its a game, an enjoyable game. Yes of course the idea of Team Compete matches is that we win em! But if we dont or we **** up in a game I dont expect people to get all ****in mardy moanin. Yes we do criticise sometimes but thats constructive. But to say things " what the ****s he doin" or why the **** did u do that" is not constructive. I have enough **** at work so I come home to ****in relax and wind down on this game if Team C means getting all ****in stressed everytime we play then **** it im not interested. Im in this to have a laugh and practising to win is a good idea but ****in getting all mardy over it is not what im about.
Were ****in adults not children.:thumbsdow



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well said.

thats exactly why im not interested in clan matches anymore.

a night off from r6 is what we all need,play links or pgr2 get the fun back into it.

myself and del will be on pgr2 if anyone fancies a break.


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I also think you can over play on R6 to a point where you make your game worse if not better as you are trying too hard
but also T/C has to be competative also we was talking about this last night where as maybe we should approach this like a football team where as you have your core players and people you can rest and put other in their place or the tactics will go out the window as there are too many new faces in the side
you can keep the rotation and then expect to win all the time
just look at the england rugby team talk about loss of direction with so many changes and people will just have to put up with this,say you had a core of manic capt n easy the rest just fill in but also the team has to be balanced with hunters and campers


but last night was loads of laughs on a italian server with more or less the residue of the clan on here just f*****g about with all sorts loopy the claymore master :p


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Yep. Project Bumpers Cars can be great fun.
Just gotta take off that barrier magnet from the side of my car.


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how about those furry dice need to get rid of those to realize you have a barrier mag on front of your car aswell bet you got a air freshner shaped like a sheep attached to ya rear veiw mirror
as for me i though it would be best to have them all round even got the blue neons on me bonnet and uv lights underneath
and me sub in da boot big em up wide boy

boo yaka sha chamone

xbl bumper it is tonight then maybe even a bit of sof2
get ya knife out obs is a comming for ya sucker

:laugh: :rotfl: :D


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was it the match when i joined and then got booted :mad:
gave up after half hour and went on pgr2

what was the team last night ?

manic you can see why i gave up least you field a full team:p


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Yes Cap I have, and Del, never saw u come in during game.

Team was:

Cap (Then Easy took his place mid game due to Garagemap probs)

Score was 11-7



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Its a shame cos I think the loss of (not your fault Cap) Cap did upset the apple cart and it sort of got muddled for want of a better word. We could have won that match. Oh well no point dwelling on it. We are slowly starting to win more games so as u say Cap its a good thing..


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