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I am definitely ordering a 42PH9 screen this week.

After much thinking about config / inputs etc. before my final order, I still have the following questions I am hoping some of you guys can help me with.

Sources :
HTPC with DVI.
Sky+ with RGB Scart.
Possibly Panasonic DVD recorder (haven't decided whether to keep or sell).

If I go with HTPC to screen via DVI-DVI board, and Sky+ to screen via JS RGB Scart-VGA, I think this will give the best display quality options. However, does the JS box introduce further picture processing delay, meaning I really need to be thinking about a new receiver with synch. delay (e.g. Onkyo 674)?
If so, would I be better connecting HTPC to DVI input board via Onkyo HDMI, and Sky+ to Onkyo via JS RGB Scart-component, or even via plain old S-video, letting the Onkyo upconvert to HDMI and output to screen using common HDMI-DVi cable?

Really getting into the final nitty gritty now...



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JSTech RGB2VGA doesn't introduce any delay.

I'm not familiar with the 42PH9 and I don't know what you want to use the HTPC for, but I'd consider if it allows 1:1 pixel map at native res using 47.952Hz (or 71.93Hz), 50Hz and 59.94Hz refresh rates using the DVI input ??

Hope this helps more than it confuses :)



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I guess another alternative would be HTPC - VGA input, and SKY+ via JS RGB-YUV convertor to component board, or through an Onkyo via component upconverted to HDMI/DVI.

This is starting to get really complicated now. I'm not so concerned about the cost of the different options, as what will give the best quality results, and flexibility for the future.



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Any more comments from anyone before I pull the trigger?

I figure I may as well replace my Marantz with an Onkyo whilst I am at it, as I'm sure I'll experience synch delay from one source or another. It will also make switching setup a little easier, and make connection of a gaming console easier later on.
So, Sky+ via RGB-Component it is.

Remaining question is.... HTPC (DVI) into PH9 panel via HDMI/DVI or VGA?



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Okay, I've just ordered the following :

Panasonic 42PH9 Panel.
DVI-D input board
RGB-YUV converter
Onkyo 674 Receiver

This way, I can feed the Sky+ into the receiver via Component, which it will upconvert and send via HDMI to the DVI board.
The DVI board also gives me the option of sending native PC resolutions from HTPC either via DVI-VGA cable into the PH9 VGA input, or through the Onkyo into DVI board.

I also ordered a Phoenix AV3 cabinet and Keene IR repeater whilst I was at it.


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