Last ditch attempt - U61 error on Panasonic BWT720 after successful HDD replacement.


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Last ditch attempt - U61 error on Panasonic BWT720 after successful HDD replacement.


I bought a Panasonic BWT720 in 2013 and have had faultless operation from it ever since. However last week the hard drive in it died (mechanical issue, ticking sound and no spin up sound lead me to believe the drive is properly dead).

Being a software engineer and thinking "how hard can it be", a bit of Googling lead me to this :

After following the instructions and successfully replacing the hard drive, whenever I now boot the machine I get an error message on the screen and the code U61 displaying on the Panasonic box. Cue it auto-repairs, restarts, and infinite loop where this is now all it does. This is better described here :
The error image for reference :

The replacement hard drive I used was a brand new WD Blue :

As discussed in other threads I've found on AVForums, if I leave the aerial out, OR, have the player on AV1 (where I have nothing connected) but with the aerial plugged in, I can use the player as normal. For example I can get at all menu options, none are greyed out, I can access the HDD, I can access the Blu-ray player etc. There is nothing on the HDD though so I don't know if it would play from it. As soon as the aerial is plugged back in however and you start to watch live TV, the error message returns, you're locked out of using the machine and it resets itself.

I've run a HDD check on the machine using the service modes, checking both the Blu-ray player and the HDD. I've reset the machine back to factory settings using the navigation menu. However the problem still persists.

I've pretty much written off hope of recovery of the recording functionality, so I think the unit will just have to be a glorified Blu-ray player spare from now on. However I wanted one last ditch attempt to see if anyone had made any progress with this issue, or if it's simply better understood now that the error is unrecoverable.

Thanks for your time.


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Have you read through the whole thread in your 2nd reference?
Post 37:
"I have finally suceeded in repairing my 735.
The HDD was the problem. I obtained a WD 10EURX HDD from a Sky Q box I got on Freecycle. I copied data from offset 0 to 2042290 from the original Seagate Pipeline HDD to the WD 10EURX. The WD 10EURX was fitted to the Panny and formatted. Unit is now fully functional."


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Hi @jonoro

Thanks for the response.

I should have seen it as I thoght I'd read the entire thread, but I think with the amount of Googling I'd done and the lateness of the hour it didn't quite register. Thanks for highlighting it.

In order to repeat the above though, I'd need a working original disk. Sadly mine is very dead and won't spin up. I'm not sure how much data is contained between those offsets, but as I have no way to grab them anyway, I'm not sure this is an avenue I can go down. Is this data available anywhere ? Would you have a copy ?

I was hoping another solution existed. In one way or another I have managed to test most of the rest of the box, and an internal inspection hasn't lead me to believe anything else is wrong. I could buy another HDD, but without knowing if the next one will work, it seems like throwing good money after bad. Shame really, it just seems a bit of a waste of a perfectly good PVR.

Thanks for your time.


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No I don't believe that you the old HDD.
The initialisation data I posted in an earlier thread should be fine. Read post 37 again:
"The HDD was the problem. I obtained a WD 10EURX HDD from a Sky Q box I got on Freecycle.".
I suggest you try with a different HDD. It can be larger than 1Tb, but only the first Tb will be used. Not so much throwing good money away, even if it doesn't work you still have a new good HDD that you could repurpose.


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Thanks @jonoro. We ended up buying a replacement PVR, a Panasonic DMR-PWT655EB after reading the review on this site. Without being 100% sure the next HDD I bought would work as well, it seemed like more time and money could be spent with exactly the same result.

The 720 will be stored away for a rainy day when I can spare some time to try this again, or when (if ever) a proper fix is found.

Thanks again.

Fred John Dough

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Fair enough.
Maybe the "proper" gix is a new HDD ftom Panasonic.
Around £200!
Hi Jonoro I had a similar problem with my DMR BWT735 The dreaded U81 and disc packed up so I read your tutorial and decided to give it a go a friend had a 750gb disc so put the boot partition on it and the recorder accepted it straight away.
Now I have a great recorder for another few years thanks to you mate. Really appreciated your contribution to this forum.

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