Last Arcade Release Before Xmas


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Jun 6, 2005
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Do you think Microsoft will give us something good for the last arcade game before xmas? Will it be free?

Come on MS is bound to have something up their sleeve for a gift?:lease:
As much as I'd love it to be Sonic or Worms, ultimately it's probably going to be a Christmas themed Uno deck. And not free.
You cynic ;)

I don't mind if it ain't free - but will be peeved if it's just another UNO deck :rolleyes:
Now Santa hats & outfits for GOW I would pay for... would be quite a laugh seeing Dom etc in santa suits - could have the Locusts kitted out out as snowmen :D
You cynic ;)

I don't mind if it ain't free - but will be peeved if it's just another UNO deck :rolleyes:

Hmm, likewise, although now it's been mentioned it wouldn't surprise me:suicide:
Actually unlike the last few weeks there's been no early announcement yet, so maybe they have a surprise up their sleeve? Hope so.

Also on a related note, there's a free Santa pack for Saints Row! :D
Didn't MS make an announcement about a month ago listing about 5 or 6 titles that were going to be released before the end of the year? If my memory serves me right we've only had 4 since that time, which means we should have 1 or 2 games still to come
Can you remember the list? :D

If we're going to get one tomorrow, someone, somewhere must know by now surely?
I think it most likely to be Novadrome, but achievements have also appeared for Settlers of Catan and Carcassonne, which are both board games coming to XBLA announced at X06
Whilst I was looking around for some screenshots of Novadrome (didn't find any) I did come up with this list of games that has both Novodrome and Heavy Weapon as the two favourites for this weeks release: :thumbsup:

Rumor: Novadrome 800 MS points (48% chance)
Rumor: Heavy Weapon 800(?) MS points (48% chance)

Rumor: Street Trace NYC 1200(?) MS points (4% chance)
Rumor: Settlers of Catan (?) MS points
Rumor: Gyruss 400 MS points
Rumor: 3D Ultra Minigolf (?) MS points
Rumor: New Rally-X 400 MS points
Rumor: Cyberball 400 MS points
Rumor: Castlevania Symphony of the Night 800(?) MS points
Rumor: Rootbeer Tapper 400 MS points
Rumor: Paperboy 400 MS points

Off this site:
Some interesting titles there!!! And bugger Paperboy and Tapper are two of my favourite retro titles!!
Sounds promising - I loved the original Carmageddon on the PC many years ago... mind you info and screenshots are thin on the ground, guess I'll have to wait until the official unveiling tomorrow...
yep carmageddon was ace, loved the mod that change dthe blood form green back to red. ill be getting this
I've just remembered didn't someone say that we were also supposed to be getting Mutant Storm Empire before the end of the year as well??

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