Lasik - Anyone else had it done


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After debating whether or not to get laser eye surgery for the past year or so I've decided to bite the bullet and go ahead with it at moorfields next weekend!

Just wanted to know if anyone has had it done, what their experiences were on the day, and how their eyes are now?


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If you mean the procedure where they remove a ‘flap’ from the surface of the eye, zap it and then place a bandage contact lens over for 24 hours then yes I had this done 20 years ago! I assume technology has moved on enormously in the interim hence my clarification above.

Put simply at the time it was the best (and probably still is) money I have ever spent. Went from -5.0 in both eyes to 20/20 in one eye and 20/16 (apparently this is better) in the other. My eyes have been fine ever since up until about 2 years ago when my right eye vision has deteriorated slightly. It’s still fine day to day, but I’ll need glasses again soon for driving and tv for example. I’m 46 and don’t need glasses for reading yet.

On the day I remember it being a pretty quick process, approx 30 mins of eye drops every few mins to anaesthetise the eyes then into the operating theatre and about 10-15 mins per eye. It wasn’t painful per say, rather a little uncomfortable but not excessively so.

Vision didn’t return immediately but happened gradually over a few hours and I had to be careful not to overuse my eyes for the rest of that day. Returned a day later and a month later for follow up checks and all went well.

I would deffo do it again without question, although I have a friend who had it done and had problems which required Re treatment then he was fine (had to pay though so check this aspect).

I would also be careful if you are over say 40 as lasik is not recommended by everyone once you get to that age - ask the question if you fit in that age category and do your research.

One last thing, as a double check I saw a private eye specialist prior to treatment to get a second opinion on whether it was appropriate and if I was suitable which went a long way to assuaging my fears. I would deffo recommend this - my other half also felt better after I did this. I also had a follow up last year with the same guy (he specialises in laser eye surgery) due to my slight deterioration and he suggested I try glasses for vision at night and only consider surgery later. Due to my age it would be better to have lens replacement rather than laser surgery and that is much more expensive.


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Thanks - that’s quite insightful and glad to hear from someone who’s had it done 20 years ago. I’m currently in my mid twenties and would be extremely happy for it to last for even half that.

I believe the procedure you’ve had it called PRK (lasek) and it’s still around albeit slightly more advanced. I’ve decided to go for lasik (with wavefront technology, accurate to 0.01, glasses are accurate to .25)

Whilst looking round I did get a few consultations both private and high street. I found the high street opticians to be extremely pushy for a sale and got a bit worried when the mentioned “Black Friday” special prices for laser eye surgery.

I researched the place I want it done - moorfields eye hospital, it’s meant to be world-renowned. The surgeon I’ve chosen is a chap named Professor David Gartry and he doesn’t seem to have a single negative review.

Still quite anxious about it, especially as it’s only a week away now I get my eyes zapped!


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Yup had it done when I was 18 - I'm now 39 and I had to start wearing glasses again just for reading traffic signs far away but it's the best thing I ever did.
They did say I could have it done again as the Tech has moved on in 20 years so might treat myself for my 40th...


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I had it done back in 2000 with Optimax in North London. Best decision I ever made....though I was a nervous wreck before the surgery. In those days the surgery receptionists freely handed out valium tablets which I must admit calmed me down a bit.

From my own experience I didn't really feel any pain during the surgery itself as the anaesthetic eye drops numb all pain. However 12+ hrs later once the anaesthetic started wearing off, i did notice eye discomfort - it wasn't too bad though.

If I was doing it today then yes, I would go to somewhere like the world renowned Moorfield Eye Hospital purely due to their reputation. No matter who you go with, there's ALWAYS a chance of complications arising & and for peace of mind i would rather be in the hands Moorfields eye surgeons who know a thing or two about eyes.

Good luck!


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Thanks just under 4 days to go now. Have decided to opt for the Valium tablets to help calm the nerves somewhat on the day.
Yeah, I found the valium definitely helped. They'll give you tonnes of eye drops post-surgery, VERY important you use them correctly as they will keep any pain to a minimum and help in the healing process. Good Luck!


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How did you get on?


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It's been almost 5yrs since I've done it and there's a thread somewhere here with others posting their experiences. Best £2k spent ever. Got curious and watched youtube video about procedure the night before which obviously didn't help with nerves. The actual op was close to half minute on each eye which surprised me esp given the fee :( but with waiting,prep and post op recovery(more than an hour in dark room after op), think I was done within 2hrs . Moorfield was almost 2.5x more expensive than others. GL

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I had it done a few years ago. I would not recommend it unless your short-sight is causing real problems. I should have been less trusting when I went for testing; when my eyes were tested I didn't think the letters on the board looked quite properly focused but they rushed me through it. After I had my eyes done, I still had a -1 prescription. They BS'd me that I effectively had 20/20 vision and it would just take time to adjust. It was a lie.

I persevered for over a year persuading myself that I did not need glasses, but when I got my checked at the optician they recommended -1 glasses. The difference was obvious. Back to wearing glasses.

There are two disadvantages they don't tell you about or they skim over it because they are bust trying to sell you a service:

1. You sacrifice your ability to see well in low light conditions. They told me that I would lose a little bit of "night vision" but what they did not tell me was that it also affects daylight vision; I used to have very sharp vision indoors in poor lighting, but not now. In bright daylight yes my vision is clearer than it was before, but I miss being able to see well in low light.
2. If you get cataracts later in life, you may not be able to have them removed because you have already had a layer of your cornea removed.

Also, you should be aware that your vision may change again over time. Laser eye surgery is not necessarily a permanent fix.


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I do remember a thread on here a while back about another member who has Laser Eye surgery. IIRC, his pupil size was too big, and the procedure should not have been done. They ended up having permanent halos.
Be interesting to know the costs people have paid. I am -5.25 in one eye and -5.5 in the other


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Back in 2000 i paid £1400 to Optimax (£700 for each eye) but I imagine prices will have gone up since then. My prescription was -9 and -12 (ie very short sighted) but have almost perfect vision now with no issues. One of the best decisions i have ever made in my life :)


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Best money I've ever spent having it done. Paid £4000 I think or just over for both eyes at Moorfields Eye Hospital, the best eye hospital on the planet. Had it done in 2011 and have had better than 20/20 vision since, my optician a few months ago was really surprised at how good my distance vision was. No problems in low light or at night, so glad I did it. I was -3.5 in both eyes before and still remember waking up the morning after and thinking WOW! I can see!! :)

I heard that if anything goes wrong with laser surgery, they send you to Moorfields to fix it, so I figured I'd go there first, you only get one pair of eyes so give them the best..


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My eyes were incredibly bad (-6 / -6.5 iirc) - so bad that without glasses / contacts I was unable to get around safely. Had the operation done in 2002 I think and it's the best money I've ever spent. Paid for itself easily in the last 18 years in terms of glasses and contacts, not to mention the convenience.

I had an eye-test last year and I've still got 20/20 vision.

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