Laserdisc player needed, help!


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Sorry i couldnt see any other forums for this!

Anyway, I have a collection of around 100 Laserdiscs and i'm after a player for them!

If i remember rightly with my old projector setup i could only get my Kenwood LD player to output a 4:3 image with all widescreen movies letterboxed. I am after a player that will play all my movies in widescreen i.e. put out a 16:9 signal.

Does such a player exist, also one that has either component or BNC outputs?

thanks, Paul


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Hello Ellipra,

Have just read your thread friend.

Do you live in the UK?
If so then the uk best player stand alone players were the CLD 2950 which did not have AC-3 imput but they can be modified, and a number of them were.

The CLD 2950 was considered the best UK player and AC-3 upgrade kits can still be purchased.

The next best player after this was the CLD 925 which did have an AC-3 output connection.

Next on your list you mentioned Component imput or BNC?

Laserdisc Players never had Component imput (shame because there would have been an improvement in picture.)
However a couple of Japanese Players had BNC imputs the HLD X0 which is a composite Video.

Laserdisc picture is composite in nature so this is the natural choice.
However the S-Video input on the top Players with the 3-line digital comb filter is needed for the best picture.

If you have a video processor then you would connect the composite output from the player to the Vid processor and upscale with this.
In other words the composite output bypasses the 3-Line Digital comb filter.

Anyway friend sorry i digress!

So the players to look for are the CLD 2950 / CLD 925.
The combination LD/DVD players are the DVL 909 or 919E (these two players picture are not asgood as the 2-above.

To connect these to an amplifier with out an internal AC-3 Demodulator, you would then need an external RF-Demodulator box which are to be found on Ebay quite often, or maybe a member on this forum may have a spare unit for sale.

I genuinely hope all this helps friend !

Need anymore help then please do not hesitate to ask, or others may read this thread and help you. (there are a number of Laserdisc serious enthusiast's and collectors on this forum ''including myself'' that will help.)

Look forward to hearing from you (the above players all display widescreen.) I you sure the projector is widescreen compatable, as i have never heard of 4.3 Laserdisc Player!

Genuine regards

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