laser four wheel tracking how much?

BT Bob

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I had my daughter's KA done around this time last year and I think it was around £25 + VAT.

Really interesting to watch (if they'll let you, as they did with me).


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Is this the same as wheel alignment ?

£25 + vat seems like a bargain. I need mine done since I got a new tyre.

BT Bob

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Last year in the snow, my daughter caught the front o/s wheel of her car on something and bent the rim away from the tyre.
I put the spare on and took the car to a local tyre specialists (NOT a chain) - they repaired the rim and then aligned all the wheels - car up on a ramp, units clamped to each wheel and lined up using a computer screen (each unit connected to the computer wirelessly). There was a guide on the screen for each wheel and the guy was underneath the car adjusting bits until each wheel's guide was in the green area - showing they were all aligned. As we'd suspected, the front o/s wheel was the most out of alignment, but he adjusted all 4. Took him about an hour all-in, including repairing the wheel, putting the tyre back on and re-fitting it as the "spare".

I can't find the receipt, but I'm sure it was around the £25 - £30 mark (+ VAT, of course), because I remember thinking I'd got off lightly (I had visions of having to get a new wheel). I subsequently picked up a scrap rim from a breaker's yard for a fiver but (thankfully) I haven't had to use it .......... yet!!

I guess that's maybe not what the OP meant - if so my apologies for misleading anyone.
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