las vegas on sky 1


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i was expecting CASINO the mini series and in return i got 90210 in a casino jesus its bad.what does anyone else think???

Matthew Attoe

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not sure yet...

Switched off after the first 30mins, becuase i didn't like it... but later decided to watch the last half last night, and ended up thinking it was not-toooooo-bad.


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i watched the first one all the way through but just switched the second one off.i was expecting edgy gritty drama not like i have said 90210 in a casino.and WTF is going of with the lad the main character with all those in his head thoughts.very poor


I thought it was ok but I am reserving judgement. I do not like the voiceover aspect at all.


Gave up after watching the first half hour of the first episode.
Tru calling is not even worth talking about.

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