largest print from nikon D50


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i just wondered what is the largest print size anyone has done from a decent 6mp DSLR camera, ie nikon D50, i thought probably about maximum A4 size, but i read somewhere you could go up to A3 size or bigger, i would have thought you would lose a lot of image quality if you went bigger than A4, anyone got any thoughts or experience on this?


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If you use Photoshop to resize the image to the size you want you will get very good quality A3. Even A1 should be possible depending on the particular image.

Some images scale well, others not so well. Best method would be to resize it in steps (maybe resizing to 120% of the current size) until you get to the size you desire. Once there, zoom in (not overly) and see how the edges and sharp lines in the picture have responded to the resize.

With a modern DSLR camera, the quality is good enough to blow it up to pretty much any size you want.

If you do the resize at home rather than getting someone else to do it for you will give you the most control - but quality might be better with a truly professional studio doing it for you, and not the studio at the street corner.


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I have some photographs that were taken on a Canon a300 3.1mp printed using my epson 1290 a3 printer on epson A3 glossy paper framed on the wall and they look brilliant.


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I have always worked on the principle of 200-240 ppi to obtain suitable print sizes. Thta rule typically makes 4M cameras able to print A4 and 8M cameras able to print A3.


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If the image is quite simple... lots of block colours etc an A3 plant will look fantastic even fairly close up. If however it's on wall above your fireplace where people can't get really close to it, you could go bigger.

However, as sinizterguy said, use Photoshop or similar to artificially increase the resolution first. Photoshop does a fairly good job of 'filling in the blanks' so there are no noticable jaggies. There are however a couple of settings for this, so it's worth looking up a tutorial.


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We did a canvas for someone this week, image came in at 110kb, we eventually blew it up to 40" x 30", was not bad in the end after a bit of photoshop, noise ninja and genuine fractals (to blow it up, works in a different way to resizing).

Was quite amazed !


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