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Oct 17, 2010
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Hi all,

I'm not sure where this is most appropriate so apologies if this is in the wrong area. I'm looking for advice on if people think my neighbours wire satellite is 'reasonable'. He's had a CB radio mast in his garden which is an eye sore but this latest addition takes the mick we think. Have a look and see what you think, is it even legal and what's it used for?


Check with the council?
Looks well over 100cm.
Is it even in his garden? from that photo it looks like it's in a back alley ie communal space.
Could just be a really big rotary washing line, go hang a few bits on it, sure he won't mind, plenty of space :)
Haha I said something along those lines to the wife. Is the general consensus that other people wouldn't like this next door either?
I can't imagine anyone would be happy with that appearing!
It's definitely in his garden, that's his garage you can see and ours at the bottom right of the picture
Ah., I had the perspective wrong, thanks.
Back garden I guess, what does it matter? Give it a few weeks you'll ignore it.
You're moaning about his washing line yet you have a pebble dash garage.... pssssh
Is the guy single? cos i don't see how that would pass the W.A.G test.
I would probably hint to my neighbour that planning permission is required for that and to find another method to contact the Andromeda galaxy.

I'm probably biased though as i think sky dishes look obscene.

Oh and ask the neighbour to borrow his ladder to get the ball of your garage roof :)
You could put a big dwarf out on that.
You could put a big dwarf out on that.
I think he was making out that they live in hobbitland and they could only find a standard size rotary ;)
Does anyone still do cb radio? Or are there any radio hams still going? Surely t'internet killed that hobby?

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