Large screen CRTs?


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Hi, getting really fed up with my (third) LG 42PC1D plasma buzzing and am unable to find an alternative that gets good reliability posts on here. They all seem to be cheaply made nowadays.

I have heard there's a new 40 inch CRT due out soon, possibly from Toshiba, but can't find anything about it anywhere.

Anyone hear of such a thing?


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There's always the Loewe 93102ZW (40" CRT) . . . no longer sold new, but probably still available . . . but the geometry (and sheer bulk) can be a problem for CRTs that size

Three years ago when I last upgraded, I purchased a Loewe Spheros 42" Plasma and had to return it after a week (unhappy with picture quality). I tried the 40" CRT . . . but finally settled for the Articos 32" CRT :- I found it was the best compromise for me.


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It just seems you can't trust any TV to be reliable these days, even CRT's.

All electronics are made too cheap these days. I'm afraid to buy anything 'cos I'm sure it'll break down.


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You could look for an older secondhand Sony on Ebay. But big CRTs are a pain. I had a 34in 4:3 Sony which had a fabulous picture but weighed 83kg.

It had to go once I started doing loads of refurb work on my flat.

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