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I have a set of Tannoy FX5.1 speakers connecting to a Sony 790 amp.

in the sony manual you select either large or small

:eek: speakers. is this based on the output of the speaker being LARGE or the size of the speaker being small.

If I select small, the amp will transfer all LFE signal to subwoofer. If select LARGE, it will send bass signal to speakers, what about the subwoofer?

If the DVD has a LFE signal then the amp should send the signal to subwoofer?

can any Sony 790 amp users outthere help? :confused:


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Set it to Small as the main speakers don't support lower frequencies. This will push the lower frequencies (exactly which ones will depend in your amp settings, but normally below 80-100 Hz) to your sub and leave the sats free to do their thing with the higher frequency sound.

If you were to use Large, this would imply that your mains speakers (the sats, in this case) are cabable or lower frequencies. As the 5.1 sats don'w have much low frequency range, you'd effectively lose most of the bass.

If you had a set of full range speakers, then there's normally a setting on amps to send the bass to both the sub and the speakers. As you haven't, don't worry about it!

Hope this helps,


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