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I am in the middle of setting up a Denon AV Amp/DVD (SD770 model) with a set of Inifity Oreus speakers.

I am trying to work out whether to set the speakers to Large or Small in the configuration. The Denon manual states:
Set to Large if speakers can fully reproduce sounds below 80hz
Set to Small if they cannot, in which case the sounds are sent to the subwoofer.

Question 1:
The Oreus specifications of Frequency Response says 95Hz to 22Khz. Is the the same sound setting that Denon refer to i.e. I need to set the speakers to small.

The subwoofer has a crossover frequency of 50 - 100Hz.

Question 2:
The Denon manual states, set the Subwoofer frequency below
which the bass sounds of the various speakers is to be output from the subwoofer. Just this just mean below 95Hz, which is the base sound of the other speakers. So shall I set this to 90 or 95Hz.

Denon then recommend setting it to 80Hz.

Should I set it to 80 or 90 or 95 or even something completely different?

Thanks for help in advance.


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small for these speakers...

your speakers do 95Hz to 22Khz

so you can set the crossover to anything above 95hz...

if you go below 95hz then you'll get a hole in you spectrum

i.e if you set them the crossover to 80 your infinty will attempt to goto 80 and the sub will take over form there. You'll get a hole between 80-95 as you speakers can't produce this.


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Thanks - I have to set to 100 then as settings on amp are 80, 100 and 120.

Does this mean the Inifinity speakers are not good at reproducing low sound or will I not notice any difference?

Thanks again - I am glad there are people out there who can help - it is appreciated.


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The infinity speakers are designed with a sub in mind iirc. The sub handles the lower end sound below whatever crossover you choose (80, 100 or 120hz) and the satellites cater for the mid and higher frequencies. If you set your sub to 100hz the full range of sound should be available to you:)
If your looking for fuller range speakers for stereo then you'll have to look for speakers with bigger drivers and cabinates. Sub sat systems are a good compromise where space is an issue but can be fairly limited due to their size and design.

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