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Large area broadcasting ???


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i just didnt no where to post this and as its aimed at cars i guess its a starting postion

i would like to broadcast music cheaply to 130 cars , the area is 130 cars large :) i cant be more specific than that as tbh i dont no the area yet but one thing is for sure the area will be oblong in shape and big enough to hold 130 cars

i would like to broadcast music to all the cars , i was thinking of the ipod broadcast system that you can transmit to a radio with , but odviously it wont cover this sort of area and also it needs perfect line of sight , not practical in this situation but you get where i`m coming from

anybody have any thoughts on how this can be achieved if at all ??

cheers guys

Gil :)


Established Member
It really depends on how much you want to spend and how legal you need to be, which will be affected by how long you need to do this for, be it a permanent thing or just for a day or two.

If medium to long term then I would recommend keeping legal and look into a Community Radio Licence or Restricted Radio Service, if short term for a couple of days and you dont mind risking it then set yourself up as a pirate. Equipment for this is widely available from all over the net, ( link ) although I obviously cannot condone this behaviour in reality providing you use decent equipment so as not to cause interference and conduct yourself properly on the air Ofcom extremly rarely will take a short term station of the air. Obviously if you are using this for a legitimate event then they may not look too favourably on an illegal station.


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:rotfl::rotfl: nu nu , sorry Mart , i didnt explain reading back did i lol

its only a day for a car show i am involved in , i have 130 cars in my club and i wanted to have music around our club , its better than getting a huge and expensive speaker system and what not rigged up , i just wondered if some music could be sort of bounced around to the cars and if the members want there radios on now and again and open a window if its not raining then it would be nice :thumbsup: people always mingle and chat better if there is some music going on in the background :smashin:

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