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Laptop works on one TV but not another???


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Hi all,

I am trying to connect my laptop to my Samsung LE32A457 and i'm really struggling using a Male to Male 15 pin 5 metre VGA cable.

First off the Laptop works fine when connected to my Toshiba 37X3030DB.

However when trying to connect the same cable to my Samsung it the TV doesn't even give me the option to select the PC input from the Source List.

I thought it could be a dodgy VGA port at first on the TV itself so tried connecting my Xbox 360 via VGA and it works no probs!

So on one hand it works perfect with my TV downstairs but with the TV upstairs it doesn't and typically that's the one I want to use it on... :rolleyes: :(

Any owners had similar problems and solutions?

Thanks, Chris.


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its driving me insane now!!

i can get it to display a picture by doing the following. 1st connect 360 by VGA and select PC input (no longer greyed out), then remove 360 cable and connect laptop VGA cable and hey presto! I have a picture.

As soon as I change input though the PC input is once again greyed out...

Chris Muriel

Distinguished Member
Sounds like the laptop isn't generating a notification to the TV that has an output ready for for it (or the TV isn't picking it up).
There should be a presence flag for signal presence detection coming form the laptop when it's set to output via its external VGA port.
A new graphics driver install for the laptop may help.
Might help to check with whatever support setup the laptop manufacturer has also.
(you haven't stated the laptop make / model details)

Chris Muriel, Manchester


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Thanks for the reply Chris.

It's a Dell Inspiron 1720 with an NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT.

I am using NVIDIA drivers from laptopvideo2go which aren't WHQL certified so possibly that may be at fault. I will try updating to official drivers tonight.

Any other ideas if this doesn't fix it and any explaination as to why one TV can pick the signal up but not the other?

My only explaination is that on the Toshiba you can select any input even if nothing is connected to that input whereas with the Samsung it only displays input's that are connected.

Thanks, Chris.
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