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Ok, now some of the new top of the range laptops are now using Full HD screens with HDMI connections, what I want to know are these HDMI connection sockets two way, can I put in a HD product into the socket and play it on the laptop screen. I know you can play BD and transmit it to a larger screen.

Also would it be possible to copy what is playing on screen into a file, i.e record the programme being played.

For example can I plug my SKYHD box into the laptop via the HDMI socket, play it and watch it on the laptop screen then get a recorder to record it into HD content for bluray, like I would if I had a HD Camcorder and uploading it to the laptop and use the HD movie making tools the laptop provides to record it.


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I dont know of any laptop that can do this
Most are output only , well i think all of them are. Same as you cant use your laptop display as a monitor for other devices.
My 1530 outputs HD via HDMI nicely to my plasma though :)


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No laptop uses the HDMI as an input. It is output only, it is the same with VGA on laptops. The HDMI port is on the graphics card or linked to it. Im not aware of any camcorders that use the HDMI socket on a laptop to upload, as far as I am aware it is usb or firewire. At the end of the day it is just a visual output. Hope that helps.

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