Laptop will only connect to one wi-fi channel?


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Use an Asus eeepc 1000H during the day and for some reason it will only connect to channel 13 on my router.

I am using a d-link router supplied by Virgin Media but with DD-WRT firmware installed.

I know this netbook used to connect to a variety of channels as when I bought it, I tried each channel in turn to see which gave the best speeds. 13 happened to be that channel at the time.

Trouble is I have a U.S PSP and U.S stuff will only connect up to channel 11.

It seems like my eeepc is somehow "only remembering" that it connects to channel 13 and refuses point blank to connect to anything else.

I did fiddle with it this morning, and managed to get channel 9 connected. But when I rebooted it after a windows update, it stopped connecting and I had to revert to channel 13 - which of course connected right away.

Thing is, Virgin have now upped this area to 100meg and I'm not seeing even half that speed at the moment, so wanted to experiment with various channels again, but obviously am having no luck at all.

Any ideas/suggestions, appreciated. Thanks.


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First thing I'd try, after the comment about channel 13, is to scan to see what other equipment is using in your neighbourhood (something like inssider ...) - you can get an idea how much demand/contention there is for the channels.
Channel 13 is unusual - some routers won't even let you select this, and it is illegal in the States. Use of N-type routers has made the problem a bit worse, as they can occupy multiple channels.
My own local setup is to use channel 1 or 7 (depending where the router/Access point is in the house) after sampling what's happening around me


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I've done a scan as you suggest, and there are only 3 other routers I can pick up on my street (it's a tiny street with only six houses on it, but my house is located a fair distance from the other five.)

The usual suspects are being used by the others, channel 6 and 11. Two on channel 11 and one on channel 6.

I did manage to make my router channel 9 again, but once I closed my laptop for a while and then opened it later on, it once again wouldn't connect at all. Despite it showing signal quality as excellent all the time :/

Very frustrating!


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With 2 on 11 and one on 6, you'd be better off on 1 or 3.
I do wonder why the Asus remembers the channel - are you deleting the connection before you try a different channel?

Looking back to your first post, with wireless you won't get anything like half the 100Mbits service - even the better ones are rated at 50 and may only achieve a fraction of that (depends on what else is going on).


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Yeah I've tried deleting the connection etc. It won't even entertain connecting to channels 1 or 3 sadly.

I can't get anywhere near 100meg even using a wired connection (but that's a whole other story and I'm trying to get Virgin to sort it out). I'm close to just buying a new router now, as I am looking at new laptops so may as well upgrade while I'm at it :)

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