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Laptop - warranty / dead pixels....


Well-known Member
thinking of switching from desktop to laptop, probably a Dell...and you can buy them a LOT cheaper from the USA

has anyone done this before?
if so will Dell UK honour the warranty?
have emailed a couple of USA companies who say Dell UK will provide warranty and also that the power supply is ok, but still wonderin about the plug situation and warranty :confused:
can't find anything re dead pixels either.....

thanks for any help.



Distinguished Member
Dead pixels is the same as any other manufacturer, in that there has to be so many dead pixels within a certain area, before its classed as faulty.

Monty Burns

Well-known Member
This whole Dead-pixels issue and definition sucks imo. Whats to say that if it has a dead pixel in the wrong place and its bright it's not going to ruin your experience of a DVD or something similar? In my opinion, if you were buying from the UK, one wrong pixel in the wrong place and Iwould argue that "Its not fit for the purpose it was sold for".

Anyway, here is the good news for you!

Go to this page , Click on "Notebook Warranty and Service Plans". Read this thoroughly and then follow it through the "Click here" and read that thoroughly as well!

It looks like you will be covered, you just have to be aware of the usual BS and procedures that exist :thumbsup:

*edit* I would be stunned if the powersupply does not take 220v as well as 110, afterall, is a laptop not ment to travel?


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thanks .... i'll check them out
my worry was the plug thing - i guess the power supply will be a separate transformer with a figure 8 / cloverleaf type plug hopefully
also the company only accepts moneygram - anyone used this??


also monty sorry to be cheeky - do you have an ISO image of AID for xbox?
looking to mod mine but baffled by the whole torrent / etc business....

Monty Burns

Well-known Member
Actually, sorry mate I don't have a copy of AID. :(

Now, not sure if this work with USA plugs but I have to do it when I fly home to the UK from Germany.


You can plug a euro two prong adapter into a UK plug with the aid of a screwdriver or pen or a.n.other long, insulated and fairly thin/sturdy device.

If you look at a wall socket (UK) you will notice that the Earth (the one pointing vertically not the two horizontaly) has a little angled bit of metal in it. To open up the other two and allow you to push your two pronged adapter in, all you need to do is push the earth in enough with the afore-mentioned tool. It can take a little effort as the Euro plugs are a knats chuff to small but, these can be pushed in once you have opened the plug up. These two pronged points just get pushed into the horizontal sockets and with Euro ones it doesn't matter which way round they are - I would imagine the USA is the same.


Putting the tool in the wrong plug can/will result in a new hair style and/or strange burning smell - if your concious enough to notice them!

Just to make it clear YOU do this at YOUR OWN RISK

other than that, good luck!

P.s. wouldnt it just be easier to nip to a Maplin or airport or summint and get an adapter?

The Dude

Distinguished Member
the Dell power supplies do come with a removeable mains lead, I've got a few european mains leads that i use with mine, they are available seperately but I have no idea as to cost, but a complete power supply is only c£45 so they won't be costly...


If you buy a laptop in the US you will have to pay VAT on it when you bring it through customs.

Monty Burns

Well-known Member
chowells said:
If you buy a laptop in the US you will have to pay VAT on it when you bring it through customs.

Only if you get "sampled" by HMCE. Many parcels get though without paying VAT or VERY little to what should be paid.

It is something to remember though! You may have to pay the postman a few hundred gold ones to collect it from him.

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