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Just wondering if its possible to connect a laptop with only a vga and S-video to a philips tv( 26PFL5322/10) via HDMI. Its for watching DVD's mainly, but general computer work too.

I hope theres some way, cos if S-video's the only option, well...:suicide:

Chris Muriel

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HDMI is digital; VGA and S-Video are both analogue.
You would need an expensive converter box containing both a video analogue to digital converter (ADC) and circuits to convert the ADC output to HDMI protocol and levels (TMDS - transition minimised differential signalling).

Chris Muriel, Boston, USA (normally Manchester)


Tis as I feared then. Thanks for the response, looks like i've no choice now but to get that *much* nicer telly :D


Previously Liam @ Prog AV
Check your manual and see if one of the HDMIs supports analogue PC input (like the old DVI-I inputs did). Long shot but it might do.

Otherwise you need a new laptop with HDMI or DVI output, or a TV with an analogue VGA input.

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