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Hi everyone
I was wondering if it was easy to connect my laptop to the projector? I think ive curently got a dvd player connected via hdmi and xbox360 through the component. They both seem to work well this way but I want to connect the laptop so I can watch movies that ive downloaded onto it without having to do anything clever to them to make them play on the xbox. Ive tried burning some movies onto dvd but 9 times out of 10 they always seem to freeze and are unwatchable, so I thought playing directoff the laptop might be the best solution for me
Hope anyone can offer some advice
I am not familiar with the pj but I am quite certain it has a VGA input in case you notebook does not have DVI out which is most likely. The DVI out is a white socket with many sqare holes and a single slit right hand side.
If your laptop is equipped with a DVI out put you will have the full resolution of your pj. If not you have to stick with what the VGA allows.

Check the manual of the pj for the proper output settings. Most likely will have to set it to 60Hz and e.g. 1024x768 or 800x600.

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