laptop to tv...HDMI VGA?? help meeee please x


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I am trying to hook my laptop up to my tv but i cant seem to do it. Ok you will have to bare with me because i really dont know what i am doing...please help me!
Ok, so i am trying to plug my sony vaio into my philips hd flat screen tv. I have a HDMI cable that plugs directly into the tv and on the other end i have a VGA converter attached to the cable that plugs into my computer. I have no idea on these sorts of things, but the person in the shop reccomended it to me and its just not working!! When i select HDMI on my TV it just says 'no output signal'?? Do i have the wrong cable and converter? Please tell me you know what i going on about someone?

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HDMI is Digital.

VGA is Analogue.

You require an active converter to get them working - an adapter will never work; take it back for a refund.

If the TV has a VGA port use that - otherwise you require a VGA to HDMI converter box (around 150.00 GBP).



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if you can use the USB to VGA adapter,then VGA/PC to TV converter box,that can be work for your.
Also if your TV have VGA port,can directly use USB to VGA adapter

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