Laptop to TV Cable recommendation!


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Hi all!

Just got a 47LG6000 and wish to connect my laptop to it.

Can anyone recommend a good cable for this job please?


PS: I'm in UK so would prefer UK availability! Ta!


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Could you give us at least a hint regarding the laptop make/model as my crystal ball is broken at the moment :)

Seriously though, it makes it really hard for people to help you without more details as the outputs available on the laptop dictate the best option to take.

Your TV has both VGA and HDMI inputs and it is likely one of those will be best, but tell us which laptop and we can give you better advice.


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Ok soz no probs!

My laptop is an old Acer Aspire 3000 so it don't have HDMI connection.
Yes I know it's old but I only want to hook it up to my TV so I can play FM2009! :) as I use my desktop for everything else.



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In that case you want a vga lead. Also for sound, there will be a audio input associated with the vga input in the back of your tv, it may be like a headphone socket or it may be red/white stereo RCA sockets, you have to get a cable to connect from your headphone socket of your laptop to this connection.


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Be aware that the ACER can be a sod to connect reliably. Read the manual with the laptop but from memory press the FN button and the function key with the TV screen or use the Acer presentation utility.

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