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I've had a search and couldn't really find what I've been looking for, so... :)

What's the best way to connect my MacBook Pro to an LCD TV for both audio and video?

Laptop has: USB; DVI; Normal mini-jack headphone socket; Firewire 400/800

TV has: HDMI; composite (AV); S-Video; D-Sub for PC input; Component; RF Input; Scart.

Had this problem with old CRT TVs in the past too! Thanks for your suggestions, video wise I would guess DVI > HDMI cable, but then not sure what I'd do for sound. :)
you would need to check if there is a separate audio in on the HDMI usually a red and white phono connection if there is stick a lead from the headphone jack into the 2 phonos. if not there should be an audio input for the vga connection so use a dvi-vga adaptor you should be sorted.


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You have several options for video:

you could use a DVI - HDMI cable, or an apple Apple DVI to Video Adapter, which would allow you to use composite for S-Video at the TV end.

Re Audio, you'll need a stereo to RCA audio jack, which outputs from the headphone jack on the laptop. You should have RCA audio inputs (red and white) on the back of the TV....


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Can you connect new Macbook Pros up to LCD tv's via VGA, like you can with a PC? just wondering, as im thinking of getting both soon and would like to have the Laptop running through the TV when at home.


They have a DVI out port, so yes you can. :) I know that much! Works with external monitors via a DVI cable or DVI to D-Sub/VGA cable (like what I need for TV).

Thanks guys, so it doesn't matter if I use HDMI or D-Sub on the TV - the red and white RCA will still work?

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