Laptop to replace desktop


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Hi, im currently looking for a laptop and would appreciate some recommendations.

Budget is flexible, but upto £700 would be a target.

Main use will be to replace my desktop. Weight is not an issue as it will not be transported often and will just be used around the house.

It needs to be good enough for HD video editing/converting.

Items it must have:

USB 3.0
HDMI port
1080p HD screen
DVD RW (Blu Ray not really neccessary as I have a PS3, but BR RW could be tempting)
Wireless N
Hard Drive size not that important as I have a Network hard drive I will be saving things to.
Backlit Keyboard

Please let me know if there would be anything else to consider.



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It can be hard to get 1080P screens on laptops in your price range, have you seen PC Specialist ?
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