Laptop to plasma , graphics card & dvi / vga help


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Hi All

I`m considering buying a laptop to display hd content on my hitachi plasma which has both vga & dvi inputs.

Theres a couple of things I`m not to sure about. Firstly if I buy a laptop with an intergrated graphics card and vga output will it surfice for hd output ie 720/1080p res. Or do I need to go for a dedicated graphics card and dvi output?

I was looking at an asus A8Jn laptop which has the nvidia GeForce Go7300 with dvi output but this is about £750 , I`d ideally like to spend under £500 which is pretty much intergrated graphics card and vga territory.

Final question, any recommendations for remote controls to use with laptops?

thanks in advance



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If you just want to play downloaded stuff your laptop should be fine connected via VGA, a lot of plasma tv's don't handle PC inputs particularly well especially on DVI/HDMI some of the dedicated "panel plasmas" like the panasonic P series or the Pioneer mxe range do a much better job so sticking with VGA input allows you much more scope with screen resolution settings etc.

If you plan to connect one of the x-box add ons to a laptop as a HD-DVD player you may struggle with processing power, there are plenty of threads on here regarding PC specs required for blue ray/HD-DVD playback, the pc's have to be fairly powerful.

As regards remote controls the MCE2005 one is good, not sure if it works just on XP but I'm sure someone has tried it and can help out with that one if it doesn't get a laptop with MCE2005 installed on it :thumbsup:

Good luck

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