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I can only connect my laptop to my HDTV via VGA cable.

My laptop resolution is 1024x768. And my TV is 32" Samsung R74 so I Think the resolution is 1366x768.

So when I connect it to watch a film, it still has the black bars at the top and bottom of the screen and the picture is very stretched. I cannot set the laptop to output a 16:9 ratio, and I have tried to use powerstrip, but with no luck.

Anybody know how I could fix this? Maybe I didnt do the right thing on powerstrip, or there is another fix for it?


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The laptop should recognise the native res of your screen using Plug and Play. Have you tried updating your video driver on the laptop? I'm not familiar with the model you have but some TVs have VGA inputs with limits on the resolution. Best bet is to find the thread for your TV and see if people have used them with 1:1 pixel-mapping before; if so, your laptop is the problem.


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You laptop should have a key combination to switch from displaying on it's own screen and the VGA connected one to just displaying on the VGA one (you be able to do this from the screen properties too but the screen press will be simpler).

On my dell 8600 it's somthing like ALT+F2, the F2 key has a CRT/LCD written on it.

When your laptop is displaying on your panel only, right click the background, select properties, settings tab and then set the resolutio with the slider to whatever the max your display can take via VGA (check your manual). If you can get it to take 1360*768 then great.


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Ah, I was doing it so it was on both my laptop screen and my TV. I will try just outputting to my Samsung.
My graphics card is a crap one though; S3 shared graphics card.


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No, I can only set the resolution to 1600x1200 or 1280x1024. There are no 16:9 aspect ratios.

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