Question Laptop repair advice needed please


Hi all so it’s 6am and im gonna try and explain as best I can lol I’m sorry it’s lengthy but please bare with me !

So, I have a perfectly working HP Omen i3 6100 15-ax000na laptop with custom upgrades 32gb ram, 2tb hard drive and 500gb m2. SSD this laptop has the GTX 950m and was advertised when purchased with its stock 8gb ram, 1tb hard drive and 128gn ssd as a mid end gaming laptop which I’ve later found out not to be the case due to the weak ass CPU lol

long story short...

I’ve since bought another HP Omen but this one is a 15-ax206na from eBay, I got it for the bargain price of £400 and it has stock ram, ssd and hdd (8, 128, 1tb) but by comparison to mine it has the i7 7700hq cpu & GTX 1050 Ti but I plan on putting my custom components in from the existing laptop (32, 500, 2tb)

now the issue ...

On the ad, the seller stated all works as should ok the laptop however one of the two fans doesn’t work ... Now from experience of omens, if it were the cpu fan there’d be a boot warning message on start up saying “fan not operating properly” or something similar (not sure if GPU fan gives same error?) anyway; I bought it and asked the seller for more info. She said the fan actually DOES work but is noisy for a short time on startup but as for the laptop itself it’s never been overclocked, crashed, overheated or had any spillages. My theory is to take the fan out of my working i3 omen (they use the same boards and fans between the 2016 & 2017 models) but I’m unsure if it could just be a dirty fan on the new laptop so maybe just clean it first and does it sound more like the cpu or gpu fan??

also while I’m taking it apart; is it worth me dismantling the heat sink and tampering with the thermal paste or not ? (I’ve bought Arctic MX4) I’ve never replaced thermal paste and I’m a little worried to do so ...

What else would you suggest I replace ? Or just clean it up and go from there; how can I tell which fan is actually faulty if either and what would cause a faulty fan? ...

thanks in advance

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