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Question laptop recommendation: browsing, youtube - any cheaper Macbook pro alternatives?


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Hi guys

looking for a recommendation for my home office. I have just bought a 27inch QHD Dell USB C monitor so can easily switch between my work laptop and any new laptop. I also have MX keys and mouse - so can easily switch between the two laptops.

i am looking for a fast reliable laptop that i will only use for the following: Browsing forums, youtube, watching Sky Go on second screen etc etc. I would like it to have USB C Thunderbolt so i can easily switch laptops.

I like the simplicity of apple products, i already have an ipad and iphone.. But more than happy to take a Dell XPS 13 if it does the job??

any guidance or advice would be appreciated. don't really want to spend more than £350 (used). can i get much for my money?


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So which features on the Type C connector are you actually using? Presumably DP Alt mode for the display. USB-PD for charging the laptop? Thunderbolt PCI-E lanes?


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my dell work laptop does not have thunderbolt 3, so will use usb-c for display and data.

this new laptop i want to get: i want it to power, display and data.

In essence, i just want to switch the cable from work laptop to new laptop (and use same screen)

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