Laptop Problem - Black Screen On Startup


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Hmmm seems my laptop has some hardware failure :/

I was using it and youtube/flash/video started to go slow (like half speed everything), and then even the logoff sound went really slow when I restarted it, it wouldn't restart at first but unplugged battery, unplugged power cable, held power button for a min or so and left it for a couple hours then retried it. Worked fine! For a couple days atleast...

Then it happened again and first restart it got to the first windows screen and crashed, then now on bootup the screen just stays black :/ don't even have the option to go into safe mode, boot menu, recovery. I've opened it up and everything still seems seated correctly, and no loose wires that I can tell anyway. Even appeard the HDD makes sound and iirc the hdd light also comes on, but I suppose it could be that possibly?

Anyone have any ideas at all what could be the problem, or is this going to be a computer shop jobby?

I could possibly try the HDD in the netbook I am currently using see if it manages to boot up and vice versa? Or wouldn't this work? :/

Sadly I cant find my USB stick or I could have put a windows image on there and tried booting the broken lappy from that after removing the HDD? Any help at all would be appreciated.
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